Web Design

How much do your websites typically cost?

We hate answering questions with other questions, but: What do you consider a typical website? Vario Inc does not believe in one size fits all packages like many other web design companies. High impact websites are only high impact if there are no others like it. We tailor fit websites to fit specific needs, so the cost of each site will vary depending on many factors such as; complexity, number of pages, what CMS we use or whether or not your site has e-commerce functionality.

(Insert name here) does websites for $500, can you match that?

The short answer is: No. The long answer is: We develop professional websites that are tailor fit to each and every clients specific needs and wants. We do not adhere to the principle of “I just need to be online.” and do not deliver products that may be considered to be as much. Almost anyone who can deliver a website for $500; A. Is only trying to make a quick buck, B. Cannot deliver the high impact, money making product that we can and C. Does not have your best interests in mind.

How long does it take you to build a website?

We get asked alot of loaded questions. Just as cost varies based on a number of factors, so does time of delivery. We have worked on large projects that have taken months to complete and we have also launched websites within a week. We may joke a little here and there, but one thing is for sure we take deadlines to heart and we love challenges.

Alright, I want a website…what’s next?

If you’re still reading, you understand that when it comes to web design, you get what you pay for…You’d be surprised how many people stop reading after the second paragraph…So give us a call or shoot us an e-mail. We’ll set up a meeting at your and our most convient time. If this means after 5pm or a weekend that’s fine with us…We’re work-a-holics anyways. In our meeting we will talk about all aspects of the project and obtain a good understanding of what your goals are and the best way to achieve them.